Thursday, July 17, 2008


hi Pocoyo!! xixixixii.
does anyone here knows who's Pocoyo??
does anyone ever seen him on disney playhouse channel??

oh. he's my new fave cartoon baby boy!!
wanna know who he really is? and his friends as well? woo..

let's play!!

hi everybody, it's Pocoyo here!!

The name 'Pocoyo' translates from Spanish as 'Little Me'.
He is a curious, fun-loving, friendly little boy who's always into something new.
Whether he's on a quest with his friends in outer space or just cleaning up his building blocks, every day is an adventure!

now, let's meet my fellows!

ssshhhh. someone's here peekin' at us!!

come up little fellows!! let's join us!
blue fat bird : sleepy bird
doggy : Loula
ducky : Pato
elephant : Elly

oh they're my fave!
i adore the little lazy head (sleepy bird) a lot!
she's soooo cute!!

click the picture for a pocoyo and friends wallpaper!!

oh and here's one of their episodes, titled "Super Pocoyo"


Gratcia said...

Hahahaa....lutuuuu banget Pocoyo itu...!

Imelda said...

Its so cute, how did u post all these? Ur just great.

Barbie said...

He so cute!! ^ ^

@ SmalL G!RL said...

OMG!!! so cute!! hahah...

ee...u still watch Playhouse disney??

Dean said...

haha! cutees!

SatoNa said...

waaa.. lucu banget bayinyaaaaa... *naksir* tapi aku blm pernah liat film nya sih.. huhu..

- SatoNa -

dylan said...

i haven't seen him but he's really cute :)

~~Devita~~ said...

he is sooo cutee!!!

RiP666 said...

blm pernah ntn...
tp asli lucu bgt...
smg bs diputer di tv..haha

leipzic said...

waaaa.. tucu banget!!!!!! hahahahaha... tnyt tine msh suka gt2.. :)

fab said...

pocoyo is the cutest!!! i love him too! hope you're doing great pineapple! ¤kisses¤

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