Sunday, February 1, 2009

My First February. New Life.

Where am i?


stop there and you might wanna stare.

i moved to Singapore already.
that's one biggest reason why i kinda temporarily left my blogging world.
preparing for everything.

so urmm. i'm going to work here permanently.
i'm still in training classes for like 3.5 months.

so how's your days?

i'm trying to get my self back into this world.

i live with other 3 Indonesian who works here as well.
i live in Tampines.

today i'm just here sitting and playing internet.
lovely breezy day.

i need things here at my new rent apartment,
- bed sheets for queen size
- bed cover from IKEA (a black or purple will do!)
- water boiler
- MONEY. big time!
- mirror. oh goodness!
- pairs of simple elegant earrings
- jelly beans! hee. hee.

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