Monday, June 30, 2008

Kungfu Panda!

oh yes i know.. maybe i'm a little bit outdated..
well, it's the thing that my guy was out of town, and what a pity that my friends was not available at all to hang out wt me to the movie.
i insisted them about 3 weeks ago to see this movie, but none of them responded. geez. quite disappointing tho.
but it's olite, now my guy's oledy home and yesterday we went to our fave hang out spot (the Djakarta Theatre) and saw this cute movie. oh i luv u hunny. xixixii.
it was totally hilarious!! huahahaha. rated : 5!!
i already saw a lot of reviews about this fat panda movie. maybe now i'm just going to share more pictures. oh Po was hilarious. i love him!
he's sooooo fat. his tummy. it's even sounded like 'fat' when he do this kungfu styles. ha ha ha.
we couldn't stop laughing!
well, what we learned from this movie is, TRUSTs.
a simple faith can make big change! see what i mean?
enjoy his fatness. hahahahaha. i'm so happy to see Po. he's sooooo fat and full of spirit!

so cute isn't he? xixixixixi...

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I've been Tagged - My Blog's Reading Level

oh this is mi first tagging time!! LoL.
anw, thanks to Janeth Vicy for giving me this tag.

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i'm tagging :
inspirasi blog
a travel photo blog
a woman after God's own heart
laurencia's diary
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fab & furious
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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Adidas : Gratik Design.

yes, Gratik Design. not Graphic Design.
it's batik, fellows!
one of Indonesia's greatest art ever!

aren't they gorgeous??
i lurvvv em! ...
lurv Indonesia's culture!! hihihi.

my friend sent me this months ago,
along with the announcement about the Gratik Design workshop
which was held at my uni.
but i didn't attend. i gotta work at that time.
oh. too bad!

even Adidas realize the beauty..

why don't we?

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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Advertising : unique.

i'm sharing some printed advertisements that really interest me.
it's just about the ideas.
feel free to discuss these ads wt me!

which from these 3 are the best do you think?

for me personally, i like all of them, great color executions.
(i have to choose?? ok, i'll choose orange. it's the freshest one to my eyes.)
but the concept is actually a bit forced. it's a summer theme,
and why is the goldfish swimming around there?
is goldfish identical to summer?

heyya. this is interesting! street ad, simple yet bright.


which one do you think is the best? i like the hand one.
a bit creepy. lols.


this is actually a print ad.
awesome execution isn't it?? i love it...


oh these 3 are a magazine print ads. it's about a knife.
if u can see on the bottom right corner,
it shows that these are 2 pages ads. wt 3 different versions.
it's really a fresh idea! smoothly done!! bravo!


the tag sounds like this, "when congestions is bigger than you"
the nose image is a bit disturbing. but at ur first impression,
you just notice that this is a nose-matter commercial, uh?
(of course you do!)


sooooo simple.
sooooo imaginative.
sooooo catchy!


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Friday, June 20, 2008


If you’re reading this now, I might say u’ve been in this kind of situation before.

Or.. you might being on this station currently?

From what me and my fellows had experienced, being alone is something really irritating. Moreover, several might experience some of frustrating moments.

Do you agree with me, if I say most of WOMEN experience this kind of phase?

At first, I thought I’m just exaggerating after something that’s might seem insignificant to some people.
I tried to seek advice from some of my girls, and they resulted to say the same point.
It’s one of women’s most problematic issues. And we have to overcome this lonesomeness in life, somehow.

Learning from Paul, (well, this why I say most women, not all. I don’t think you dudes experience as painful as we do.. Correct me if I’m wrong.) There’s 3 types of common loneliness (Purpose Driven Life Daily Devotional) :

- Loneliness of separation.

- Loneliness of transitions.

- Loneliness of rejections.

Loneliness of Separation
It’s written that Paul never went anywhere alone; he always had at least one traveling companion. Yet, at the end of his life, he’s in prison in a foreign country and he couldn’t just pick up the phone and reached out and touched somebody.

We can experience the loneliness of separation because of military service, career, or maybe an illness. Many of us have lost our roots, or never had any to begin with, and that can cause loneliness.

What can you do about your loneliness from separation?

Focus on the needs of others – Get your eyes off yourself and focus outward. Look at how you can serve other people.

Focus on your purpose – Even when Paul was isolated in a prison, he wanted other people to know about Jesus. He wanted everybody to know about God’s love. He stopped looking at himself and he looked at how he could still tell others about the good news.

When you’re lonely – Stop building walls. instead, start building bridges!

Instead of saying, “I’m so lonely,”

say, “Father, help me be a friend to people who need a friend. Help me to help lonely people.” That is the antidote for loneliness.

Loneliness of transitions.

The fact is, life is a series of transitions.

We’re born, we grow up, we go to school, we graduate, we get jobs, we change jobs, we retire, we die.

And every time we make a change in life, there’s a good chance we’ll feel lonely.
We can even be lonely in a crowd; it doesn’t make any difference how many people are surrounding us.

It’s our relationship with those people that makes a difference.

How can you face loneliness when you’re in transition?

make good use of your time – Think, “What could I do now that would be difficult if other people were around? What could I do in this time of loneliness that I could not do if there were other people here to interrupt me?” Use your time to do something great for God.

stay focused on your purpose – So that at the end of your life, you can say, like Paul, “I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith” (2 Timothy 4:7 NIV).

Loneliness of rejections.
Loneliness often comes from the feeling that you’ve been betrayed, deserted, or abandoned.

Paul felt deserted when he first went on trial in Rome. He wrote, “At my first defense, no one came to my support, but everyone deserted me. May it not be held against them” (2 Timothy 4:16 NIV).

Here’s one of the greatest Christians in history, but no one came to his support! He says, “But everyone deserted me.” He’s on trial for his life; no one comes to speak for his defense.

Yet, Paul didn’t say, “I’ve spent thirty years in the ministry and this is what I get?” No, instead he said, “But the Lord stood at my side and gave me strength, so that through me the message might be fully proclaimed and all the Gentiles might hear it” (2 Timothy 4:17 NIV).

The Bible teaches that we have emotional needs and one of our greatest emotional needs is to be accepted.

Rejection is often the most devastating form of hurt.

Loneliness is so painful that people will try anything to relieve it.

They take drugs, they get drunk. They go through long lists of short-lived dating relationships. They coop themselves up in their homes with the TV as their only friend.

God says, “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you” (Hebrews 13:5 NIV).

Oh yes I know, THEORETICAL things are much easier for us to tell.

In practice, we often get tired or even failed.
That’s why we need God.
We’re just nothing without His presence in our life!!

Frankly, I’m in this station exactly.

It’s terribly frustrating sometimes, and this is really a test to pull my faith back more next to Him!

Truly, I learned a lot about this loneliness thing, and I feel there’s no ‘enough’ to learn to overcome the loneliness.

It comes by over and over again.

Sometimes, if I feel terribly fatigue, I talk to God and tell Him every spot of pain in my feeling.

Somehow, God answers me differently from time to time.

At once, I might get dreadful, and God gave me easers, any small things. He really knows how to make me smile…

And at sometimes, God can disciplinary His own way. And that makes me stronger to realize how much strength I still have left.

These kinds of things, that makes us closer to God in our lonesomeness.

It’s the thing that ONLY God that knows and understands every of our pain!

I truly experience this..

so let’s learn more, be prepared, and RUN THE RACE WITH ENDURANCE!!

(and again, the song i put up there, journey by angela zhang, comes to rhyme...)

And in the end, we can say these..

For I’m already being poured out like a drink offering, and the time has come for my departure. I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

2 Timothy 4:6-7 (NIV)

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Tuesday, June 17, 2008


oh bored.
daydreaming mode on.
let's share! LoL.

colourful yummy cupcakes..yum.. yum..

wanna buy gladiators.. but can't find loved one. hiks.
my perfectionistah. pheew.

Strawberry Milkshake. uhm..
full whipped cream on top!
so fresh and creamy!! yumm..

i'm dreaming of cheese burgers. my fave junk. unfortunately.
oh surely now i boost your appetite, eh? LoL.
food might be fun to look at. to dream about.
but don't eat too much. no more fun.

daydreaming means, dreaming about place you dream of. dream big.
tropical island. MALDIVES. oh beach. shores.
white sand. clear water.
oh so beautiful. so wonderful.

want more food? hmm. i know you want to.

i know you wont resist pizzas!
oh life is sooo yummy! hihihihihihihi.

thankful to God i still have a good appetite.
thankful to God i still digest very well.
thankful to God i'm hungry too often sometimes.
thankful to God i can afford what i'm dreaming to eat!

thanks God in small things.
what a sprinkle in life.

(pics by gettyimages)

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Monday, June 16, 2008

My Indonesia, How are You Today?

first of all, big NO OFFENSE.
this is a post that i wrote in bahasa, coz i found in this languange i can express my feeling more personally. sorry for all foreign visitors..

berikut adalah sebuah pembahasan dan pengeluhan ttg mental orang Indonesia, dari mata seorang perempuan beranjak wanita *piuhh* yag berprofesi sebagai Graphic Designer, dan sangat mencintai keragaman budaya Indonesia. tapi tidak dengan kebanyakan orang2nya.

belakangan tuh pada marak mahasiswa protes BBM naik, merasa univ ndiri gak 'nasionalis' kalo gak ngikut demo, pada ribut2 FPI, rakyat nuntut BBM diturunin, protes proyek busway kok gak berhasil - udah gusur aja, protes SBY gak becus, protes nuntut subsidi pemerintah, kalo banjir gede dateng, nyalahin gubernur DKI kaga becus, protes nuntut sekolah gratis, nuntut pemerintah ini, nuntut pemerintah itu, bla.. bla.. bla... pret!!

cape kan?

iye... emang eneg ngeliatin orang indonesia kaya begitu.
dalam kehidupan kecil aja tuh, mental orang indonesia tuh super bobrok!
maap2 kata nih, bukan gw mau mojokin ato ngehina, tapi apa yg gw liat seari2 ya begono.

naek motor - ada motor nyalip dari kanan, dengan suara knalpot "nguengg" memekakkan telinga. kita hampir oleng, ngeliatin dia, malah dia yg marah2. SOK JAGO.

lagi naik motor pulang kerja, merasa sebal dengan motor depan yg jalannya super pelan dan agak gak stabil, *klakson klakson* ga minggir juga.
gw pikir: "ni orang..."
*klakson klakson*
yg nyetir nengok sambil setengah bete, stengah ketawa2.
penumpang motor : total 3 orang cewe aBG, kira2 usia 13-15 taun, kurus, cantik, pake celana super pendek, GAK PAKE HELM, dua yg di blakang ketawa ketiwi sambil SMSan SAMBIL NAEK MOTOR.
yg nyetir? ktawa2 aje. - gak ngerasa bsalah sama skali -
kalo itu ade gw, hajar! *plakk*

jalan di pinggiran, ngeliat ada orang NGELUDAH SEMBARANGAN. rasanya pengen kemplang tuh manusia. lagi2 abang2. kadang ada sih ngko2, om2. mayoritas cowo.
sapa aja deh. GAK MIKIR APAAA???? jorok nya stengah mati! hih!

jalan dikit, 10 meter, ada yg nuang seember sampah bekas dapurnya, ke kali terdekat.
ke tukang tambel ban, katanya "ban dalem mesti diganti nih."
lalu si abang tukang tambel ban buang bungkus kardus bekas ban dalem, *tuing* asal lempar ke tengah2 jalanan gede *iseng2 berhadiah*.
trus, gw dah yg mungutin tuh kardus.. sambil ngomel..
as if BUANG SAMPAH SEMBARANGAN itu indah buat mereka!!
ntar giliran banjir yg disalahin siapa gw tanya???

coba nengok ke daerah PRJ kemayoran. yg katanya mau dipoles jadi mirip sudirman.
belom kelar terealisasi, tengoklah air mancur - air mancur stengah jadi itu.
udah keletekan cat nya.
trus sekelilingnya abis di piloks sama anak2 tidak bertanggung jawab.
mereka2 ini yg selalu jadi orang2 SOK IDEALIS, SOK GRAFITI ART,
katanya 'jangan menghalangi kami para seniman jalanan'
seniman jalanan dengkulmu?!!
lu pikir semua tembok jalanan, properti orang, pager rumah orang itu kaya di BRONX hah??
cari media yg bener kalo lo emang bener kreatif cong!

kalo pulang dari luar negri, perasaan slalu gak tentram.
sampe di airport, petugas "membantu ngangkat koper" itu udah kaya rampok.
cuma tibang ngedorong dari pintu utama ke parkiran minta 20rebu.
lu kira bapak gua punya pohon duit?!!

demen banget sama RASIALISME.
heran guahh! sendirinya gak mau dibeda2in, tapi bawaanya ngatain oraaangggg mulu!
bujukkk dah.

polisi2 aneh di daerah2 tertentu.
bus, mikrolet, segala angkot pokoknya dah, yg pada ngelanggar lalu lintas, kaga ditangkepin.
yg ditangkepin tuh pengendara motor dan mobil pribadi. gimana gak aneh?!
rahasia umum tuh, CARI DUIT, PAK?

ngantri mau naik busway, begitu liat bus dateng, langsung SIKUT KANAN SIKUT KIRI, DORONG SANA SINI, gak peduli sekitar.
prinsip : pokoknya gua harus naek duluan.

jalan2 di mall. tiba2 tercium bau nyengat yg slalu bikin gw pen nampar.
smells like cigar?
terang2 ada tulisan dilarang merokok di dalam mall.
orang2 kaya begini ini yg mau ngajak orang laen ikut2 dia bunuh diri pake asep rokok.
yg bener aja sih?? dalem mall ngerokok.
jangan bilang kalo dia berpendidikan rendah, gw menemukan ABG2 pria nongkrong di cafe bengawan solo, -such kind of starbucks and friends- ngerokok dengan berasep2 dan kecium radius 2 meter.
otaknya pada kemana sih? ketinggalan dirumah ya?
lain kali, otaknya dibawa yah dek.

coba ke ancol, cari pantai yg bersih kaya di Bali.
pasirnya dikrubungin sampah.
jijay gak sih??
pantai itu tempat favorit gw.
gak heran orang jakarta mainnya ke mall mulu.
tempat hiburan alaminya semua digusur SAMPAH..

sebagian perusahaan - menjadikan karyawan2nya sebagai MEDIA EKSPLOITASI (hampir demikian jg dgn prusahaan tempat gw kerja).
gaji kecil sekali. bahkan untuk s1.
uang lembur minim skali.
kerjaan kaya kerja rodi
akses internet sangat dibatasi - padahal selaku designer, internet itu sumber inspirasi besar! (yg ini bukan di kantor gw)
asuransi kesehatan gak jelas.
feed back buat karyawan ditekan sekecil mungkin demi keuntungan perusahaan.
u're darn wealthy oledy, big boss.

pertanyaan gw,
emang susah banget ya, nyimpen sampah sampe ketemu tempat sampah baru dibuang??
susah yah nelen ludah sendiri?? sampe harus ngeludah sembarangan??

kalo orang2 begini idup diluar negeri, gw rasa bakal miskin karena denda.
minimal sekali ngeludah didenda 3jeti dah.
disini, mau diatur begimana juga, galakkan rakyatnya.
SOK JAGO lagi.

yahh.. gw ini lahir dan gede di jakarta, baru 23 taun.
bukan berarti posting ini menyatakan gw gak cinta Indonesia, atau gw sempurna.
tapi, gw pengen ajak kita smua mikir.
lo udah nuntut segitu banyak dari pemerintah,
cuma tuntutan doang? harusnya pada malu.

bukannya pepatah mengatakan "memberi lebih baik daripada menerima" ??
kemana perginya tuh?

kenapa sih orang Indonesia bermental pemberontak segitunya?
padahal, kontribusi mereka buat negara, kalo ditanya, gw jamin mereka cuma bisa ngebela diri.

gw jg gak bisa ngelakuin apa2 buat negara gw.
tapi at least,
gw anti buang sampah sembarangan.
gw anti ngeludah sembarangan.
gw cinta budaya Indonesia dan setiap perbedaannya.
gw berdoa buat negara gw.
gw gak kebanyakan protes.
gw designer, tapi bukan seniman perusak lahan publik.

yah, masih banyak deh.. kebobrokan lainnya.. bisa bikin sesi seminar kali gw.
huehehehe. tapi ya udahlah. segini dulu.

gw cuman pengen ngeluh, mumpung ada medianya. hihi.
semoga menarik kalian untuk berkomentar.
lebih bagus lagi kalo pada SADAR.
kenapa negara lain pada bisa, kita gak?
sebenernya, tanya sama diri masing2, GAK BISA, apa GAK MAU?
nuntut dari A sampe Z, tapi kelakuan DIRI SENDIRI aja masih segitu ancurnya?
malu tuh ama tembok.

dear God, please help my nation to rise up in a new way, new hearts, and new development!

"Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much, and whoever is dishonest with very little will also be dishonest with much."
[Luke 16:10, NIV]

God Bless you all!!

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Friday, June 13, 2008

All You can Eat Restos!!

Don't have any plan yet for this weekend?

don't worry!

take your folks and fellows to these places, it's ALL YOU CAN EAT restos all over Jakarta.

Hmm. imagine you have fun with closest friends or families, or even your date!

just take your time to enjoy each foods..

what a perfect combination, beloved people and superb foods.

Happy Weekend!!

Aishiteru Japanese Resto
All You Can Eat Menu IDR 50.000,- Nett
Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Lt. Dasar #58 Telp 4585 3992

Mal Puri Indah Lt.1 # 102 Tel. 582 2433

Cavana (Chicken Variety)
All You Can Eat Menu IDR 40.000,- Nett
Mal Kelapa Gading 3, Lt. Dasar #57 Telp 4585 3778

The Plaza Semanggi Lt. Dasar # 232 Tel. 2553 6677

D'Crepes Cafe

All You Can Eat Menu IDR 30.000,- Nett
Cilandak Town Square
Lt.1 No 116
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.17 Tel. 7592 0287

Gelare (Ice Cream)

All You Can Eat Menu IDR 30.000,- Nett
Lt.1 #32-35 A tel 390 6055

Glosis (European Food Steak n Sausage)

All You Can Eat Menu IDR 50.000,- Nett
Teusday & Thrusday
Mal Kelapa Gading 3 Lt. Dasar

Tel. 4585 3884

Setia Budi Building 1 Lt.11 No B-220

Tel. 521 0542

Mal Puri Indah Lt.1 No.101-A

Tel 582 2637

Red Ginger (Asian Hawker Food)

All You Can Eat Menu IDR 50.000,- Nett
Cilandak Town Square Lt.2
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.17 Tel 7592 0328
Jl, KH Dahlan No.26 Tel. 720 9717

Sakae Sushi
All You Can Eat Menu IDR 50.000,- Nett
Mal Taman Anggrek Lt.3 B11

Tel 56 999 527

Mal Kelapa Gading 3 Lt.3 Unit R

Tel. 4585 3655

Tokyo Lobby
All You Can Eat Menu IDR 60.000,- Nett

Cilandak Town Square Lt. Dasar
Jl. TB Simatupang Kav.17 Tel 7592 0297

Wing Dome
All You Can Eat Menu IDR 55.000,- Nett
The Plaza Semanggi Lt.3A Tel 2553 6339

(all pics taken from gettyimages)

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