Sunday, June 8, 2008

My Tongue is Nude.

1. Chocolate Cake.

any kind, anytime. my mouth will always accept this yummy dessert! don't you think soo??
hee. hee.
my favorite one is the banana chocolate cake from Secret Recipe. well, you should try. i recommend this one, it's definitely tasty!!
a simple solid fudge, covered with thin chocolate melt, and banana layered inside. serve cold, and you'll see what i mean with 'super yummy' !
chocolate cake always makes me fly away... even if i'm sad, just have this one piece, i'll be much happier.. i often have this kind of therapy for a mood boost. hoho. maybe it's just a thought of mine, but it always brings me cheerful feelings afterwards. so why don't you try? doing your fave things, lay back, relax, and enjoy a piece of the yummiest chocolate cake!!
let's boost!! hee. hee.

2. Sushi

i bet everyone knows this beautifully made japanese food.
yes, it's sushi.
maybe some people just feeling disgusted or even sick with this raw fishes served on top of a japanese rice bun.
don't you know, those fish are real fresh, and it'll stay fresh for at least a couple of hours, because the fermented rice keeps the fishes stay freshen longer.
well, it cost you some more IDR to eat qualified sushis here in Indonesia.
thus, sometimes i just love to indulge my self, spoiling and celebrate my self with this sushi thing. oh, of course, wasabi time! hihihihi.
[my faves are avocado and salmon sushis. hee. heeh.]

3. Chocolate Muffin

hey hey! can't say any word.
choc muffin is always great! hoho. especially ones served with hot melted chocolate outside, and choc chips. geez! i'm going crazy.. huaaaaa.
and this pic is soooo mouth watering! oh geez....
see the strawberries, syrup and whipped cream....
aaaaaaaaa..... i'm just imagining how it tastes like!!!!! xixixixixiii......
nyummy. nyummy.

4. Ice Cream

who can ever resist this indulging scoops.........
oh geez. this is the second cheering food after the chocolate cake.
i love anykind of icecream. original, gelatos, even artificial [not healthy of course].
love these flavors :
- chocolate [absolutely!]
- chocolate chip [another absolute one]
- strawberry
- rum raisin [mostly great everywhere, even if you're trying new brands]
- green tea
- durian [sometimes..]

mostly those flavors are 'true' ones, other than those, some are artificial flavors, such rainbows, bubblegums, etc. [those with bright artificial colours]
if you ask me, where vanilla and mocha goes? doesn't everyone loves those flavors?
naah. i hate vanillas. smell too milky. yay.
mocha? not really into it..
wanna know a bit more about ice cream? click here

5. Chocolate Fondue

yum yum.. it's sooo easy to make this thing. it's super yummy and healthy!
trust me, chocolate makes you happy, and fruits makes you healthy. hee hee.
in some restos, they serve this fondue in a hot chocolate fountain. wooohhoo. it's more fun. u just have to 'shower' your foods [usually they use biscuits and marshmallows, but i'd prefer fruits, it tastes perfect! sweet chocs with sweet and sour fruits. nyum!]
you should try to make this at home. just melt the chocolate. and start your dipping...dip here..dip there.. spread all over! yay.. i love it! hihihi.

6. Yoghurt and Banana

wohoo! this is my fave combination for breakfast!
i always eat yoghurt and banana each morning.. always.
so, see, these healthy combination really boost me up.
adequate energy and calories till lunch time, and sometimes even more!
sometimes if i had extra fruits at home, i just include them into my yoghurt. most fave are strawberries. but still, banana is a must.
banana is my all time favourite fruit. since i was a baby, i always lurrrvvvvvv banana!! oh this powerful fruit is really superb!
click here for a bit more information about banana - how it works for your body -.
and click here for more infos about strawberry. sorry, it's all in Bahasa..

don't know why i loovveeee banana like crazy....
every banana flavor in each kind of food, mostly my fave as well! include ice cream, smoothies and others.. heehee..

Basically, foods that i love is more about desserts.
but not too sweet, solid fudge, and CHOCOLATE is kind of a must one. hee hee.
eat well, keep on stage, no exceeds baggage, uh? LoL.
(all pictures taken from gettyimages)
"my tongue is nude, let foods make love to it.."
- J's copyright -

seezqo said...

You have a good taste :)

EPHO's said...

I love Secret Recipe. Chocolate cakenya juga cihuyyy! Shusi nya me-ngilerkan sekaliiii :p

Tony said...

kok aku ke jakarta ga di traktir makanan enak kayak gini sih???? *protes mode on* :(

^^ CaCa ^^ said...

Wah... I luph Chocolate!!! Enak tuh..
Yummy... :D

Slugger said...

jadi laper.
makan yuk

leipzic said...

yummmyyyy... but, i still don't get about the sentence.. "my tounge is nude.." hmmmm... can't imagine it.. :)

maybe "my tounge is stripped" is likely more comfortable for me. :)

Dreesyach said...

Yummy yummy...

I wouldn't harm that kinda food.. I’ve decided to go big.. Gimme some will ya? :)