Friday, June 6, 2008

This Guy i'm Talkin' About..

i'm going to share something that really makes me jo’oy fulll..... today.... hahahahaha.
let's see.
frankly, these days been hard for me, couple of problems is attacking somehow.
hoho this morning is kinda BIG smile on my face. BIG blush on my cheek as well, actually. ahahaha.
the thing is, finally i talked with someone who's really been my inspiration these years..
oh yeah, it's a HE.
hee. hee. he's not a crush, he's not a lover or such kinds, he's just someone i admire, someone has been my inspiration in music genre, singing technique [well, i can’t really sing like him, since he’s a guy. Huahahaha.], and in my spiritual growth also.
We chit.. chat.. on facebook at first, then I tried to add him on IM, but for couple of days I added him already [he’s just approved my request immediately after that] I just have no courage to say hi or even talk to him. Don’t know why.
This morning, I just got dizzy maybe, [ahahaha] when I saw him online, then I dare my self just to say hi and give him a greeting anyway.
I did.
Well, when I told him who am I, he replied me. “this is Justine, the gurl with the blog, right?”
And yes, we started to have a bit chit chat there.
Oh I blushed. I blushed.
Sasaaaaaaaaa !! - she’s a friend of mine that knows this guy pretty well. I’m gonna bring her agony!! Hahahahahahaha.
She knows I like him a lot, and told her that I’m feeling like going to faint in fact that I can talk to this guy…
Hahaha. She LoLs and LoLs. And the thing is, she told him bout this ‘faint’ thing.
Geez. I blush a lot… I’m telling you, a lot.
I was kinda smiling and had this huge smile on my face. And I was at the office! Thank God no one seen me.. or they’ll think I’m having a mental disorder. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
After all, I think he’s a nice person.. he’s just an easy going person.. it’s been a great time to talk to him. Hee hee. I’m still feeling a bit jumpy here. Hihihihiihi.
I’m hoping this chat thing will work more for me, so that if somehow I have a chance to talk to this favorite guy of mine, I’ll stand still and wont faint. LoLs!!

Here’s a list of my favorite guys, no matter physical or anything, I just like them.
Jesus Christ. Of course I lurrrvvvvv Him.. He’s my creator, my only saviour!
Johnny Depp. Hmm. He’s not that cute, not that handsome or something. But I like his style, the way he act, I like him a lot!!
This guy I’m talking about. I love his voice. I love his singing style. I just admire him. A lot.
David Cook. Of courseeeeeee……… I loooveeee his voice. Good looking as well. Hee hee hee hee.
Tora Sudiro. Don’t ask. You know he’s that cute! And he’s definitely hilarious!! LoLs.

Overall, I really thank God, thanking His great joy upon me, a small thing that He knows would convince me that God loves me however bad I am. Convince me how He’s a joyful God when we’re in a most grieve. Praise the Lord!!

For him [if he knows that himself that I’m talking about all over this post. LoLs] :
Keep on going sir, I really admire you.
As you say, I know you’re just a regular guy,
But you’ve been an inspiration for me, and still will be!
God speed!!

Anyway, wondering who this guy is? Ahm… guess on your own. Hihihihihihihi. [and why this sounds like a trivia quiz?] huehehehehehe.

no more fiasco. said...

This guy i'm talking about... a.k.a... itu tuhhh... yg brsan lo tlp gw sambil tereak2 lompat2 histeris sambil crita tntg "dia" lol hahahah! maap sir, temenkuh yg satu ni emang rada2... mgkn blm minum obat, jd klo lg exciting suka lebay lol hahaha ^^

LiSan Skywalker said...

Ceileeeee so sweeeettt ^o^
Sapa siey???

utine said...

yaiks!... bagi yg tau DIAM. *awas lo glad bela2in bikin blog demi komenin gw???!!!*
bagi yg ga tau... sabar yaaa... sampe byk yg penasaran baru dehh... yg jelas lo pada pasti bilang gw lebay.. bay..bay... tapi tep seneng. huahahahahahaha.

no more fiasco. said...

huahhahaha.... iyah darling! i'll try to shut my mouth up as u wish x) tapi bagi GUE yang uda tau ituh siaapa, ya pastinya i'll call you "Ms. LEBAYYYYYY!!!" lol puas dah. aw, bobo dl y hun.

p.s. knp seh tiap x mo post comment selalu msti ngisi word verification mulu? bikin cape mata aja..

Rachelle said...

aww. that's a cute post. hehe. :)

almond_finger said...

Welcome me everbodyyy!!
Im Sasa that she talking about *numpang narsisss* ahahaahahha XP
Take it as a practice so u wont get faint if u chat or even meet him later!! Let me know yah if u want to have another practice, I'll gladly help u with another surprising "method" ahahahhahaha
Love u sist *huggg* ^^