Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sharing Some Blessings.. (Make Sure You Read This!)

hey guys..
i'm about to share a wonderful video here my friend recommended me.

oh it's being a blessing to me, and so, i want to share the blessings to all of you guys..

i really hope this video will make your day, bring you joy and faith even more..

just play this youtube video,
it's titled : Father's Love Letter.

Someway, i feel the circumstances i'm living in, is just underestimates me.
it feels like, they ignore my presence, just because they’re consider me as someone who has a bubbly personality.
And they really act as if having a bubbly personality is some kind of childish.

I just can’t comprehend this, people often misjudged me because of that?
Or maybe something else?
But all I know I feel is underestimation. And it stretched to many portions. Well yeah, that’s it.

There’s written in the bible, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4 : 12, KJV)

Hmm. This should be a good flog upon me.
So I should prove that God’s presence in me is NOT nothing, but it has a HUGE influence in my daily life!

Don’t you think so?
So even I’m young, and they think bubbly is childish, it’s a whip for me to choose to be an example, stood up more, firm beside His heart!

Hmm. This time, I’m learning more about humility, being such a bouncy person doesn’t mean I have to be such a child-like one. But bubbly means cheerful, and make better circumstances wherever I am, to show that His love brings me a joyful life. Doesn’t mean without sadness, but just be positive..

Oh, and below, I found a really awesome video from Donghaeng.
The title is ‘I Love You’
Oh it’s sooooo wonderfully made.. hope it’ll be more blessing to you guys.
God bless, and have a great day ahead!!

(you should wait a couple of minutes, then if it doesn't work, just click on the empty space below where the arrow mouse pointer turns out to hand pointer. it will play in a whole page.)
(MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS FLASH!! it made me wept a bit. hihi.)

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To : Eunice~

i got this from my friend Eunice!!

thanks dear!
i really hope you'll win the votes!!
please keep us updated ok??

keep on blogging!
and success for you..


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Monday, July 28, 2008

I'm Sharing Free Animated Emoticons!! (Random Series)

in need of emoticons?
craving for cute ones?
why dont take it from here?
you can get those like mine and even more!!

just simply do the right-click thingy, and "save image as"
then, compose to use it on your blog, shout your cBox, nudge your MSN, whatever you wanna do!!

oh sharing is always fun!!

Stock On U
let's do this, folks...
which one is your favorite?

remember, just right click on WHICHEVER image you desire, and then save image as.
for cBox usage, please right click, and view image as.
use the displayed address to your smilies column.





click HERE for more random graphics.

and wait for the animation series sequel!
Hot Lovers

cee ya!
God bless..

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