Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy Birthday Me!

hi all... woo.. i was really happy last friday (July 4th). since it was my 23rd birthday..

oh i'm really grateful for that.. for God granted me another chance to live in my 23rd year! hoho.. by the morning, a friend delivered me a big piece of cake at my office.. oh. Black Forest. geez. thanks a bunch!! this is the pic of the cake that a friend delivered me. (actually.. he's an x-boyfriend.. and now turns out to be a friend of mine still. hihi)

isn't it wonderful?? menari

my co workers sang for me, took some pictures, and we ate this cake together.. including some doughnuts i brought for them that day.
it was truly splendid moments love

not just that, by the time work time was finished, my guy picked me up, then he gave me a little surprise.. another cake!! an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.. oh cool!!
take a look.

cute uh? hoho.. kenyit

after some picture taking and eating this yumyum chocolate-mocha ice cream tart (oh yeah this is an ice cream cake!), i got my self ready for dinner.
oh i was soooo excited!! i got dressed and fwww.......... he drove me to Pacific Place.
(oh, and while we're on the road, he gave me another surprise.. a book that i've been looking for.. oh so sweety hunny.. peluk)

for you guys who has no idea about how Pacific Place look, i share u a capture of one of their most popular ambience, the boat resto.

funtastic isn't it? people's eating on the boat.. awesome..

we rushed into a pancake house called Pancious.. it was actually our first time there..
yes, i was totally excited!!

we ordered things and then looked around...
hmm... i love the interior. the design's stunning.

see what i'm talkin about?

now get ready, hold up your tummy, coz i'm going to post some NICE pictures of our meals that night...... malu

the first one, this one was the appetizer. geez!
it should be the main course..
since its size was like.. huugggeee...

Grilled Baby Potato + Salami with tartar sauce

gosh. it's soooooooooooo delicious. every yummy words are out. lapar
great. totally perfect taste for us.

this is the Black Forest Pancake my guy ordered.
sooooo yummy. choco ice cream, berries, and choco syrup.
sllurrrppyyy!!!! sengihnampakgigi

oh he ordered the double size one, and he got full like crazy. hahaha.

this is the one i ordered, it's Sausage and Salami Pancake.
wohoo. it was soo yummy as well.

oh the secret is in the pancake,
they mixed it so freakin well done, and it smells milky and fluffy..

well, it was all. we couldn't finish all of those after all..
sorry foods, no more tummy spaces.

sorry to make u guys hungry again.. xixixixixii. i just wanna share the happiness to all of you! hihi.
and at last..
thanks for all prayers, all wishes, and all delights..
to my Father Jesus Christ, big THANKS to You, Lord..
what an awesome year i had.. and i know You'll be with me no matter how fatigue i'll get...
love You, Father.. for every single thing You've done, and for everlasting love You keeps providing me with..


SatoNa said...

waa.. ulang tahun tooh.. Happy birthdaaaay.. ^^

walaah".. dah namanya mirip ma ddku, ultahnya jg cuma beda satu hari! hihi.. tapi umurnya beda banyak.. :P

asik yaah dapet 2 kue. hihi.. puas donk makan kue nya.. ^o^

- SatoNa -

Tony said...

ngileeerr daahhhh...but happy birthday yach :)

Anonymous said...

pineapple i didn't know it was your birthday! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY dear!! :D it looked like you had a wonderful celebration. may you have more birthdays to come! ¤hugs¤

The Fab & The Furious

Barbie said...

Happy Belated Birthday Justine! ~ ~ I know I'm abit late to say this, but being late is better than never saying it, rite?

May all your dreams from your heart be fulfilled, may you blossom and shine, whatever you wish for! May all your wishes come true! *hug*

Yusta said...

Happy belated bday for pineapple.. wah kapan ari waktu ke Jakarta aku uda mau diajakin makan di boat di Pacific Place tapi batal.. jadi kepengen nyoba nih tar kalo ke jkt lageee hehe, kapan mampir ke sby nih pineapple?

JieWa Vieri said...

Happy belated bday Justine.. wish u all the best..

Wow.. Pacific place keren banget ya, pas terakhir ke Jkt, belum dibuka.. hix..

Lam kenal dr surabaya..


Anonymous said...

lho, lho, lho, kok guah ga kepoto yah? padahal guah ada tuh di pojokan pancious sebelah sana. hehe.



Brigida Ayson Schmidt said...

Happy Birthday Dear Justine!

Is that you on the last photo wishing something? Wow, you look completely different from your profile photo!

More Birthdays to Come... Yeehah!

~~Devita~~ said...

wow! Happy Birthday!!!!!

nice day yah!

eunice said...

Though it comes late, I must say Happy belated Birthday and may all your wishes come true!

I like that cake your guy bought! So lovely!


penyu said...

metul tah™

Blogger Addicter said...

wehhh..wehhh..selamet ultah non..sukses slalu..wah tampaknya bulan2 ini byk bgt blogger yg ultah yah..termasuk non salah satunya..hehehe..sekali lagi selamat yah..:)

st_hart said...

happy belated birthday justine :)
that's must be a wonderful celebration of your birthday. this is my favorite quote regarding the birthday: being old is a must, being mature is a choice...

Tha..^^ said...

happy b'dae ya.. wish u all the best^^

Dreesyach said...

Met ultah ya...
selamat anda makin tuak! hahaha.. jk

traktir2 dunx!

Mommy Elvz said...

Hi belated Happy Birthday!! MOre blessings to come.

Gadis said...

walo baru kenal... happy birthday .. make a wish :D

La Bubbly Chica said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!!!Wishing you all the best!!!!

RiP666 said...

maybe it was too late...
hppy b'day...

Mike.... said...

lho.lho..ternyata ultah qta cm beda sehari...ha..ha..met ultah yaa...