Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sunday Lunch : Penang Bistro.

last sunday me and my guy (i dont know why i like to call him that way here) went to a malay restaurant, at Kebon Sirih for lunch.
it's called Penang Bistro. it's a common fusion asian culinary actually.
well, it was our first time there (he was curious and kinda persuaded me to go there. hahahaha)

for us, we could say... ummm.. good service, average price (for such great ambience and tastes), and an awesome ambience they have there.

here are some pics i took there, but unfortunately i forgot to bring my camera, so i just took it with some phone cam - 2 mp. not too bad after i edited them a bit.

geez. the rice bun is so... 'tiny'.. poor baby, he can't be full wt that portion.

this is the 'mayonnaise prawn'. geez. it's totally odally yummy!
cant stop eating.
the prawn was quite large in size, and tastes really creamy.. yumm..

this is the great ambience i was talking about.
the lights, the views, see, those grey walls are stone made, and there's water falling smoothly on it, so you can imagine how was the breeze we enjoyed there..

this is the 'malay clay pot chicken curry' we ordered.
served on a small hot stove. no more words, perfectly yum yum!!

ok.. i bet you guys are getting hungry right now.... hohohoho.
so.. just try to go there, and hang with your closest fellows.
i recommend this, gorgeous place to eat!

Islander said...

this just made me hungry... my tummy starving so crazy.

Anonymous said...

widih, ini sing isinya bahasa londo semua toh yo? hehehe. sudah ku link blog mu. ^^

seezqo said...

Why it's called Penag Bistro? Coz I love Penang very much :)

Anonymous said...

lets link exchange