Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sharing Some Blessings.. (Make Sure You Read This!)

hey guys..
i'm about to share a wonderful video here my friend recommended me.

oh it's being a blessing to me, and so, i want to share the blessings to all of you guys..

i really hope this video will make your day, bring you joy and faith even more..

just play this youtube video,
it's titled : Father's Love Letter.

Someway, i feel the circumstances i'm living in, is just underestimates me.
it feels like, they ignore my presence, just because they’re consider me as someone who has a bubbly personality.
And they really act as if having a bubbly personality is some kind of childish.

I just can’t comprehend this, people often misjudged me because of that?
Or maybe something else?
But all I know I feel is underestimation. And it stretched to many portions. Well yeah, that’s it.

There’s written in the bible, “Let no man despise thy youth; but be thou an example of the believers, in word, in conversation, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity.” (1 Timothy 4 : 12, KJV)

Hmm. This should be a good flog upon me.
So I should prove that God’s presence in me is NOT nothing, but it has a HUGE influence in my daily life!

Don’t you think so?
So even I’m young, and they think bubbly is childish, it’s a whip for me to choose to be an example, stood up more, firm beside His heart!

Hmm. This time, I’m learning more about humility, being such a bouncy person doesn’t mean I have to be such a child-like one. But bubbly means cheerful, and make better circumstances wherever I am, to show that His love brings me a joyful life. Doesn’t mean without sadness, but just be positive..

Oh, and below, I found a really awesome video from Donghaeng.
The title is ‘I Love You’
Oh it’s sooooo wonderfully made.. hope it’ll be more blessing to you guys.
God bless, and have a great day ahead!!

(you should wait a couple of minutes, then if it doesn't work, just click on the empty space below where the arrow mouse pointer turns out to hand pointer. it will play in a whole page.)
(MAKE SURE YOU SEE THIS FLASH!! it made me wept a bit. hihi.)

tha said...

waaaaaaaa...mengharukan banget
blessed me so much

thanks beib for sharing this


Imey Juliant said...

wah... utine... ^_^

-oKKy- said...

i think i just have the same experience like what you have... being underestimated as weLL..tapi itu ayat yg tak pegang juga...

encourages me much..thanks for the blessing..^^

^^ CaCa ^^ said...

Wah, Untuk ke 2 kali na aku nonton :D tapi tetep kereeeennnn....
N ayat na juga mantap!! One of my fave.. :D

Thx Tine for da blessing :D
Be blessed :D

Anonymous said...

and i think you must see another donghaeng's such as passion and peter. ^^

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