Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talking to Father God..

Dear Father God, my Lord Jesus..

Hey's me..i'm here at the women's camp..
it's 24th of august. calm, peace, soothes, and pointing all my heart to You..
thank You God, thank You for every single thing that You had revealed me yesterday..
i can relieve all my troubles and burdens, about all traumas and emotional problems..
all i know is i'm Your precious little pearl..

i'm getting back to You, God..
and struggling more...
i still want to know what You're working in me..
and i know it's not such a coincidental works..

i thankful for Lieli, a sister who really knows that i must be here and have all You want me to have..

dd luvs You, Daddy..

You are my little precious pearl,
and you are to be shine with my own light..
*Daddy smiles*

dont get underestimated by those people who often looked down on you,
because God is always enough to make you precious..
and you know that, My little princess...

be strong, be faithful,
because you know the process within you,
is to give you shine as a pearl..

"i'll still be a princess, but now i know how to start to be a woman of God.."

yes you are, My dear..
you know Daddy loves you..

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Friday, August 22, 2008

Doraemon Ending Versions (with comic strips).

All you guys must know Doraemon?
yes, this world famous japanese manga was ended without an exact ending.
well, i have some info from various sources which describes the ending of this adorable fun comic.

one of them, you could read at my friend's place, click here

the other source i got is from wikipedia's page,

and here are the rumors about its finale series.
Blink Blink

* The first and the more optimistic ending was made public by Nobuo Sato several years ago. Doraemon's battery power ran out, and Nobita was given a choice between replacing the battery inside a frozen Doraemon, which would cause it to reset and lose all memory, or await a competent robotics technician who would be able to resurrect the cat-robot one day. Nobita swore that very day to work hard in school, graduate with honours, and become that robotics technician. He successfully resurrected Doraemon in the future as a robotics professor, became successful as an AI developer, and thus lived happily ever after, thus relieving his progeny of the financial burdens that caused Doraemon to be sent to his space-time in the first place. A dōjin manga for this ending was made by a "Tajima T Yasue" in 2005, and it sold 13,000 copies before Shogakukan halted its publication. Tajima apologized to Shogakukan in 2007 and paid an undisclosed amount of money for settlement.

* The second, more pessimistic ending suggests that Nobita Nobi is suffering from autism and that all the characters (including Doraemon) are simply his delusion. The idea that Nobita was a sick and dying little boy who imagined the entire series on his sickbed to help him ease his pain and depression no doubt angered quite a lot of fans. Many Japanese fans staged a protest outside the headquarters of the publisher of the series after learning about this suggestion. The publisher had to issue a public statement that this is not true. (This ending actually correlates to the ending for the series St. Elsewhere, which ended in 1988.)
oh, this one is pathetic. horrible. i agree with those protests.

* The third ending suggests that Nobita fell and hit his head on a rock. He fell into a deep coma, and eventually into a semi-vegetative state. To raise money for an operation to save Nobita, Doraemon sold all the tools and devices in his four-dimensional pocket. However, the operation failed. Doraemon sold all his tools except for one used as a last resort. He used it to enable Nobita to go wherever he wanted, whichever time or era he wished to go. In the end, the very place Nobita wanted to go was heaven.
kinda silly, and 'too easy'. but better than the second one.

* In the March 1973 issue of the magazine Shogaku 4-nensei, Nobita again returns home after losing a fight against Giant. Doraemon then explains that he has to return. Nobita tries to have Doraemon stay but after talking it over with his parents, he accepts Doraemon's departure. They take a last walk in the park. After they split up, Nobita encounters Jaian and gets into a fight again. After a long duel with Nobita trying to win at all costs so that Doraemon can leave without worries, Gian lets Nobita win for not giving up. Doraemon finds Nobita passed out and takes him home. Sitting beside sleeping Nobita and after a moment of thought, Doraemon returns to the future. (It is also found at the last chapter of the manga Book 6).
this one is dissapointing as well. hey, give it a break! get some creative stories, please.
Study Hard

* The animated version is completely similar but lengthened. Nobita finds a box the shape of Doraemon in his drawer. The next day, which happens to be April Fool's day, Nobita is jeered at by Suneo and Jaian, the latter tricking him about Doraemon's return. He happily runs home and asked his mother whether Doraemon came back and finds out the truth. Nobita couldn't stand it and opens the box. Inside of it was a bottle of liquid. He hears Doraemon's voice explaining that the potion is called Uso 800 (Lies 800) it is used to make all untruths the drinker says true. Nobita uses it to play a few tricks on Jaian and Suneo, like first taking cover then say that the weather sure is good, which becomes a lie and it started to rain heavily before he said it is raining heavily and the rain stopped. Jian and Suneo was scared away after a few tricks and when Nobita mentioned what is happening. Nobita was very happy at first but quickly loses interest in the absence of Doraemon. As he walks home, due to his earlier questioning if Doraemon returned or not, his mother asked him if he could find Doraemon, he unwittingly said, in great disappointment, the truth about Doraemon never coming back, just like what Doraemon told Nobita before his departure. Since the potion was still in effect, when he arrives his room he finds Doraemon there, and they have a happy reunion, but due to the effects of the potion, all his greets and joyful words have to be spoken in the opposite way like I am so unhappy that we can never be together again.. The extended ending from the animated series was eventually adapted to the first story of Book 7 in the manga series, with a few changes (i.e. Instead of hearing Doraemon's voice explaining the use of the potion, he finds a card inside the box describing the use of the potion).
well, not too shabby... dont y'think so?

and below, i post comic strips from what eunice has posted in written.
(in Indonesian & English version. unfortunately, there's slight differences between Inonesian version and English version that i found. it's just about the arrangements.)



so? which one do you think is the most proper?
those fave endings?
or.. weird ones up there?

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Saturday, August 9, 2008

To My Dearest Sister...

To a dear friend of mine, a sister, a hearty mentor, an amazing blessing by God’s great grace in my life.

Great words would never be appropriate,
Bunch of times would never get enough,

Father God, I dedicate an enormous gratifying for her,
For every thoughtful moments she had for me..
Which words will never put across..

Hearts been attached,
Thy loves be lasts..

I pray for you to be strong,
For His love will uphold us,
For His heart will guide us upon..

tiw hunney..
i have these verses for you..

“For my soul was grieved. I was embittered in my heart. I was so senseless and ignorant, I was a brute heart before You. Nevertheless, I am continually with You. You have held my right hand. You will guide me with Your counsel, and afterward receive me to glory. Who do i have in heaven? There is no one on earth who I desire besides you. My flesh and my heart fails, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever. For, behold, those who are far from You shall perish, You have destroyed all those who are unfaithful to You. But it is good for me to come close to God, I have made the Lord Yahweh my refuge, that I may tell of all your works..” (Psalms 73 : 21 – 28)

I don’t know how to speak up these things in my heart.. but absolutely, what’s in my heart are indescribable pieces of loves that Father has been fulfilling me with.
An overwhelming love that I just can give it to you in prayers and all cares…

Oh I always hate farewells…
But I know we will meet again someday tiw..

i really miss those moments when we cried together, sang together..
our times of worships, laughter, those night food cravings...
for every room that shared, those nite times spent without sleeping...
every hugs given, every prayers devoted..
God.. our friendship is one of a kind we know..

and this is the song that always reminds me of you, my dear ex housemate..
Thank you for giving to the Lord..
I am a life that was changed..
Thank you for giving to the Lord..
I am so glad you gave..

i'm so thankful for every little things that makes me contented just to think of it..
and i want you to know every single thing that you told me, those things been spoken, really means a lot to me.. when i was mistaken, when you feel down, when you have no one to talk to.. i'm still and always a friend.. being a good 'fruitcake' to struggle with you...

Tiw, when I get married someday in the future, i’ll want them to play the ‘magnificent’ from hillsong, and I really want you to pray for us in private.. remember that, ok?
So, if He ever calls you for world missions all over, don’t forget to fly back here on my wedding day..
it's a must. hehehehe.

Love you for always tiw..
Gonna miss youuuu hunneeeee..

*bear hugs*

"And friends are friends forever,
If the Lord's the Lord of them..
And a friend will not say never,
cause the welcome will not end..
Though its hard to let you go,
In the Father's hands we know..
That a lifetime's not too long to live as friends..."

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