Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Talking to Father God..

Dear Father God, my Lord Jesus..

Hey's me..i'm here at the women's camp..
it's 24th of august. calm, peace, soothes, and pointing all my heart to You..
thank You God, thank You for every single thing that You had revealed me yesterday..
i can relieve all my troubles and burdens, about all traumas and emotional problems..
all i know is i'm Your precious little pearl..

i'm getting back to You, God..
and struggling more...
i still want to know what You're working in me..
and i know it's not such a coincidental works..

i thankful for Lieli, a sister who really knows that i must be here and have all You want me to have..

dd luvs You, Daddy..

You are my little precious pearl,
and you are to be shine with my own light..
*Daddy smiles*

dont get underestimated by those people who often looked down on you,
because God is always enough to make you precious..
and you know that, My little princess...

be strong, be faithful,
because you know the process within you,
is to give you shine as a pearl..

"i'll still be a princess, but now i know how to start to be a woman of God.."

yes you are, My dear..
you know Daddy loves you..

Daniel GM said...

being a male is a matter of birth. but being man is a matter of choice... he he contekan dari about me... jangan marah ya....

cena said... sweet...
he heals everything,,,,
keep your life in his hand....^_^

elmo said...

^^.. He always there..

Tha..^^ said...

Indah banget.. :)
i love the way you write
nd i do sure that Daddy loves you so much :)

^^ CaCa ^^ said...

wew.. women's camp? WB kah? hehehe... SEMANGAT ya :) Jbu

Ressa said...

u know exactly the process u hav to bear to be that precious pearl...
and what u have lately is one of the way to make u more precious than before...
becoming a precious pearl that only can be bought by a precious blood of the Lord..

Anonymous said...

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