Sunday, September 7, 2008


San Diego,
Tue, September 9, 2008.

it's been 4 days since i arrived in San Diego...
and it's been 5 days since my eldest sister passed away.
yes i know, thanks in advance for the sympathy..

it's a long suffering for her,
she suffered from a breast cancer, which was started about 5 years ago.
well, it's still a miracle she survived for these years..

what can i say tho...
these are m family's though moments..
a sibling of mine has gotten home to Father's dwelling place..

no more emails from her,
no more her laughs,
no more talks...

well, we're just human beings..
what comes from Him, comes back to His almighty hands..

i can't say anything more..
it's just,
i'm thankful that His great power and grace fulfill every of us, in every single seconds right now..
and i know, she's now in peace, all the best in His great plans...

i just want to sing this song,
dedicated to my beloved siste, words from God..

it's 'Chosen as Mine' from Hillsong..

Here I am so close to you,
Know My voice, I’ll never leave you..
For I have loved you since before the sands of time were made,

I love you still and always will..
You’re chosen as Mine...

My Father wants to bless you now,
Receive from Him all that you’ll ever need.
Come spend eternity with Me. My heart’s full of love for you.
I love you still and always will,
You’re chosen as Mine...

Cries in the desert, My child, I hear them.
Tears in the valley, My lovely, I count them.
You’re so precious; you were on My mind as I died.

I love you still, always will.
Chosen as Mine..

i just need her to know,
that even we didn't make it to reach San Diego before your time had came,
i just want her to see us finally came to this place..
it was her dreams..

esp with me,
yes sis.. i'm here now..
you see?

we love you..
but you know what,
God loves you more than we do...