Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photography Art : Kora - Kora

waa... another picture i took at Dufan at that time (same day as the merry go round one)
it was kinda hard to take the perfect angle actually.
it swung and swung all over again, well since my camera can't capture moving objects,
so maybe this one doesn't look really maximum. but i still like it. hehehe.
for you guys who doesn't know what kind of ride is this, this is a swinging boat we called 'kora-kora' - i don't know what this mean, it's still feels weird for me.
well, it was my favourite at one time, but now it's kinda boring to ride a huge boat that takes u swing and swinging till your tummy feels wanna spread out. huehehehe.
it's not that the nauseous thing that makes me bored, but i'd found those more interesting rides...more scary and challenging ones huehehehehe.
what i like from this pic is how we can see the atmosphere where people is screaming over the boat - sorry if details doesn't work here, you should see the real pixels tho. hehe.
don't know what else, but i just like this. hee hee.