Thursday, June 12, 2008

Good Morning..

see the sky, so clear..
so cold.. feel the spirit of brighter day today..

ooh.. hear.. the green says,
so peace, so calm..
feel the peacefulness..
and hopefulness today..

now.. good morning.. good morning..
good morning.. my love,
I love you..

hear the voices,
they're singing for you..
they said 'bout hopefulness..
and happiness today..

fell the wind touch your soul,
so deep, wake you up...

but suddenly...
there something disturb all of peacefulness..
there something destroy all of happiness..

I never wanna let go this beautiful day,
this beautiful day,
they're making sound..
they're making smell..
disturb me... disturb me...

-Good Morning by D'Cinnamons-

oh cant say a word.. this song really rhymes my morning today..
deep within.. resisting disturbance..
[Psalms 25]

God bless all..


hi donated u 10$, ur turn? :)

leipzic said...

hi.. on my first tought, i tought that it's created by yourself. It's a nice words, very nice. :)

utine said...

@ leipzic :
i'd posted some words by my own, just take a peep at my older posts :D