Monday, June 2, 2008

GMB New Formation

news ahead...
some of us might know these news already, well, just share a little bit.
you guys must have notice the Indonesian well known Christian band, GMB (Giving My Best) ?
yap! from JPCC.
a little news from them, this June they'll launch their newest album, in a new band formation.
well, a bit shocking for me personally, because Sidney as the vocalist, stepped out from GMB and now the new vocalist for GMB is Bams-Samsons.
below i attach some picture i took from

yes, this is the flyer for the new concert.
a bit 'movie' style. err... i still missed something there.

this is the new formation of GMB.
from left to right, Jeffry Hermanto, Bams, Joseph S. Djafar, Amos Cahyadi, & Adi Prasodjo

Bams in his new move..

and here they are..
new GMB.

this is a democratic country. so, let's shout out a bit. hee hee. no offense.
from me personally, maybe first impression about Bams doesn't really have the good charm like Mr. Sydney does. i like Sydney a lot.
he has this Pastoral - Worship Leader ambiance which no one would be like him -of course!-
well, i'm not judging Bams, but there's a bit missing-Sydney-weird-acceptance-for Bams thing.
hee. hee.
we know.. Bams is a celeb-kind person, many negative gossips around him.
oh, i miss Sydney. he's just adorable. hihihi.
well, people comes and goes, changes are weird, and hard to accept sometimes.
but we can't just compare Sydney and Bams, and hoping for Bams to replace Sydney's charm.
never will. but i'm sure, Bams has his own style, His own charm to be a worship leader.
we should see His great growth in the future..
maybe Bams will follow Sydney as a Youth Pastor? we'll see..

for further reads, you can visit :

God Speed!!

LiSan Skywalker said...

Wow, baru tau Bamz jadi anggota GMB ^o^

^^ CaCa ^^ said...

hm, uda tau juga..
Awal na mank agak gimana gitu..hehe..
Tapi sutralah semua sudah terjadi..haha

Salam kenal :)

Herman Sam said...

Yang beneeerrr ??

no more fiasco. said...

sebenarnya masih setengah tidak mau percaya kalo Bams samson jadi pengganti the great sidney mohede. tapi dikarenakan sudah melihat foto2nya sebagai bukti nyata... mau gak mau... ya mau diapain lagi...

let's just hope that GMB will giving their BEST to be the BEST performers for God. only.

p.s. wong jawa bilang gini tine: "nrimo" is the best! hahaha... jd mau ga mau dikau hrs "nrimo" GMB new worship leader ^^ heheh..

乾煎白鯧Sam said...

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