Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Advertising : unique.

i'm sharing some printed advertisements that really interest me.
it's just about the ideas.
feel free to discuss these ads wt me!

which from these 3 are the best do you think?

for me personally, i like all of them, great color executions.
(i have to choose?? ok, i'll choose orange. it's the freshest one to my eyes.)
but the concept is actually a bit forced. it's a summer theme,
and why is the goldfish swimming around there?
is goldfish identical to summer?

heyya. this is interesting! street ad, simple yet bright.


which one do you think is the best? i like the hand one.
a bit creepy. lols.


this is actually a print ad.
awesome execution isn't it?? i love it...


oh these 3 are a magazine print ads. it's about a knife.
if u can see on the bottom right corner,
it shows that these are 2 pages ads. wt 3 different versions.
it's really a fresh idea! smoothly done!! bravo!


the tag sounds like this, "when congestions is bigger than you"
the nose image is a bit disturbing. but at ur first impression,
you just notice that this is a nose-matter commercial, uh?
(of course you do!)


sooooo simple.
sooooo imaginative.
sooooo catchy!


nana said...

hey i can't find ur shoutbox :(
yaah iya aku jg suka kok headerku. hehehe narsis yah.

btw blh tuker link nggak?

Tony said...

wuih kereenn amat ya iklannya..baru pernah liat yang begitu