Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What's in My Mind?

these days been busy to me.
trying to focus on things one by one.

well, i came back to this lovely pink blog of mine,
then i noticed that my page rank had shrunk to N/A?!!
what's with that???
anyone can tell me?

part of me feels that it's just one of my fault because i didn't do much updates lately.
but umm...
please dude?

it was kinda impossible for me to type things around.
and i was kinda lost my spirit of bloggin.

well, how r u guys lately?
please accept my apology, for have been busy and have not been visiting you guys.

i'm trying to dig back my spirit here,
starting with sharing what's in my thought these moments.

1. my upcoming big TUESDAY.
"dear Jesus, please help me get through this and that.. really passionate to this..but still, let Your will be done.."

2. deadlines?
*geezz. this drives me sleepy. woozy! zzzzzzzzzzzz."

3. what's with the company?

4. i'm waiting for the big news, please make this a great one, Dad. and also the mc. huaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. help me to overcome my nerves!!

to all, have a great day!!

Henry Hongdoyo said...

What is your pure movitation to be a blogger ?
Maybe page rank, comment, or other bloggers visit... But, for me blog is to write what it's written in my heart. Dont care about other think..

So, dont lost spirit of bloggin because of that. Ganbatte !! Caiyo !! Have a spirit to blog ^.^