Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hungry Me.

it's like 5 pm and i am definitely hungry. it's weird since i just can't stop my hunger today.
why is this?
i'm craving for so many foods..
hee hee.

i'm sharing my food cravings here.
please read if you're a food lover only. hee hee.

i dare not to touch junk foods, but i think this is the time for me to say, "it's worth to wait" hahaha...

it's been like maybe couple of months since i had junk fuuds. yaiii.

ouuu... what a yum yum! hee hee. excuse me, are you drooling there?

trully craving for a strawberry cake. oh. *sllrrrp*

and can never resist this yummy thin layered tomato cheese dough conbined. awrghh.

tempting bunch of french fries..
don't forget to squeeze lotsa lotsa tomato sauce on the top of it!

a perfect combination of fresh cold lemon coke!! hee hee.

perfect dessert! huaaa... strawberry sundaes. yaii.

so, been hungry now? hee hee.

Devita said...

nularrr...... I am hungry toooo

Ivana said...

u make me hungry too now,,

-oKKy- said...

hahaha.. perfect food combination!

David said...

lagi mau pms ya ?
biasanya cewe kalau mau pms kan suka tiba2 jadi lappaarrr mmlulu :)

tp setuju sama pilihan makannya :)

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Anonymous said...

junkfood ga baek untuk kesehatan :-s

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