Thursday, November 6, 2008

Stress at Work?? Read This.

Yesterday, a friend of mine dropped me an interesting email.

well, if you're now in the middle of a hectic work in your office,
like this --->Headache

and need some lay back,
sit there and take your mind to relax a little while.

meanwhile, maybe you can grab some fruit and tea for your snack..
Cooking Yoyo
hee hee.

hold on there, and watch these.

Google Office Europe (if i'm not wrong...)
Blink Blink

oh... an Entertainment Room in an office??
Rock and Roll

Stress Capsule.
oh dear. it's sound and light - proof.
something funny if one of colleagues is sleeping in there,
then i pull out his feet! hahahahaha.


me : so speechlessssss.

It's the Canteen? or maybe it'll suitable for Food Court.
oops, and it's all-you-can-eat.
Mie Lovers

Sliding down to your canteen??
what a brilliant fun way!!!
if i work there, i might slide down 5-6 times before i really go for lunch.

this one is perfect.
there's professional masseuse for you when you need massages!!!!

sometimes i just dont let my self to afford these kinds of favor.
but here, you're free to do it, and you're paid.
sweet nibblets!!!

and even a private phone booth.
Bikshu Pray

hey, maybe this is more like a resort??? ha ha ha.
i was like...salivating... aaaaaaaaa.
or maybe even nose bleeding. hahahaha.

and remember, you're being paid for these kind of fun at work.
Money Lovers

well, we might never know how stressful actually their jobdesks are.
BUT STILL.......
Hot Lovers

great job Googs!!
wish all companies has these kinds of policies.

Tony said...

wow keren ya :D

Uud a.k.a Yudha said...

keren euy! kerenkeren..

Anonymous said...

Hmm aku rasa mereka di sedian seperti itu soalnya mereka kagak bisa seenakknya sendiri balik rumah...jadi mau ga mau kudu stay at the office and enjoy semua fasilitasnya dan aku rasa juga meraka awalnya aja...tapi lama2 enek juga...
Rumput tetangga memang lebih ijo sis ;)