Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Advertising : Paint Ad.

i found this on some web, sorry, no offense to the copyrights. i'm just really interested on the idea. it's a surprisingly bright one!
well, now i'm working in an advertising company, and this new job of mine, really conducts my creativity to browse all over world's commercials.
either it's print ad, or it's tV ad.
oh, talking about advertising agency, try open, and
those are world biggest agencies, they have awesome web layouts i found. not just the layouts, they have great artworks of advertising.
creativity is really 'urgent' here if i could say.
this is my first time to work in an advertising agency, well, i really found it interesting in projects and ideas.
soon, i'll release my artwork here. at least my portfolios from school..
well, please define me things about art. anything... music, advertising, fine art, design, etc...
all art is my life.