Sunday, May 18, 2008

Youth Bungur's 41st Anniversary

May 17, 2008 – was a big day for us (my church’s youth community). This is the day we celebrated the 41st anniversary of our youth. And a specially big day to me, since I’m alone was the event coordinator.

i attached couple of our pictures, not all of them, but I’m gonna tell about the pics one by one.

Just for info, we celebrated the ‘birthday ceremony’ with games and others at the church first (the game resulted a bit awkward by the way -- hee hee hee. but we had so much fun that time..), then we went to an orphanage at Kelapa Gading called Pondok Kasih Sejahtera (from the ministry of Hand of Hope). So, just enjoy the story!

This is our team. The main youth team.

from left to right,
Kiky – Aliang – Me – Andre – Shandy – Agus

many thanks to all.. and to the event team as well,
sorry we didn't had any chance to take pictures.. hiks..

these are the pics when the game session was held. it was really so much fun i can assume.
great work for shandy and anyan.. lotsa thanks for your hard works guys..

anyway, the game session itself has 2 types of games.
both of them are group games.
the first game, one of our group member had to draw something that written in a paper that we drew before. this first game that i said ended up a bit awkward in the drawing theme. haha. but it's fun because of its awkwardness. hee. hee. hee.
the second game, 2 of our group members have to practically show to others about what they're doing without any words. just body language. hee hee. and that was fun too!!

and this is the 5th group that won the prize!

from left to right,
Kiky - Gigy - Ifan - Priscillia - and Andre giving the prize.

The Anniversary Cake.

(I don’t really know how it taste like, because actually, I don’t really like certain tart cakes smell. The sugary thing that covers it really disturbs my appetite. Sorry.. just personal taste of mine. Hee hee.)

Left: Kiky Right : Pnt. Jimmy Liem

Kiky is our youth leader. And Pnt. Jimmy Liem is our youth pastor.

Pnt. is an abbreviation for 'Penatua'. i dont know how to say this in english.
This one shows a symbolic session of first cut cake give-and-receive one.
(Mr. Jimmy, why no smile then? Hee hee. Sorry about the blurry thing again.. hehehehe)

They're the orphans at the orphanage. This one shows their spirit to sing praise for Jesus.
oh, it's amusing! they're really cheerful and full of spirit!
i was amused and got so excited!! even i was really tired, still i enjoyed to sing along with them.
you guys should see this short video that i recorded when they sang the song 'Hari ini Kurasa Bahagia' (Today I Feel Glad)
well, unfortunately, this video uploader turns out to be an error here. so.. just request and i'll send it to you via email.

this is Christine, the MC of the night..
thanks loads gurl, you're the best!! hee. hee. hee.

these are some fellas from the teen community.
they performed 2 songs with 6 kinds of musical instruments.
cool praise!!

oh, this is Jonathan. everybody calls him jojo.
he's really cute isn't he?
just look at the way he sat there, like an old man! LoLs.

sermon times... by Pnt. Jimmy Liem.

this is all of us, the team and the kids.
thanks all!! we had soooo much fun!!

i want to say a huge gratitude to Father God that makes us able to done this event..
large bunch of thanks to all of the team..
and all participants, and all who'd donated the needs, thanks all..
God bless more.

all for His glory...

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
Philippians 4 : 4, NIV.