Thursday, May 22, 2008

The New American Idol Season 7

oh yes i'm talkin bout the hottie guy that attracts every women who'd seen him sang on the stage. arggghhh.
well, americans voted right this time. i'm not saying archuleta is not good, but he's just a good singer. yet, cook has his own rock style, with that kinda voice.. ahm.. i'm imagining if i have a date like him.. maybe i'll faint before he sez he loves me. LoLs!!

well, actually i'm not into these idol thingy, but from the first time i saw David Cook sang the song "Always be My Baby" by Mariah Carey, i just fell in love with him..
his voice.. his expression.. his smile.. his style.. gosh!

look, below i attached some of his 'hottest' pose on the stage. i took it from american idol official site. hee. hee.
you'll see how cute is he...
hiks.. wish i'm an american.

anyway, congratulations to David Cook, i'll definitely buy your albums. waiting for you to come to my country and be my dream guy.... hahahahaha.

no more fiasco. said...

ga ada yg leave comment tntg COok?? how come!!!!?
Cook's the hottest! i love cook as much as you do yus ^^ he deserve to win. tp aku juga suka kok ama Li'l Archuleta... he's so cute and tiny just like me lol i wanna squeeze him! hahaha (serem amat yak)