Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photography Art : Merry-Go-Round

everybody knows Merry-Go-Round. it's one of my all time favorite ride.
except for those who's afraid of heights..
well, this one is from Dufan, Jakarta, as you can see, not as big as what we can see in Malaysia or elsewhere that has larger one.
i still enjoy this sea view Merry-Go-Round, which i adore this big wheel since i was a kid.
it's kinda pathetic when i rode it, i saw some maintenance is not really well done you know, well i'm not talking about safety, but talking about aesthetic and tidiness.
for 10 years i haven't seen any significant change from this ride. anything. even the paint doesn't change!
ahm. call me idealist. but you guys must agree that we really need refreshment on the design, maintenance and environtment.
see how those foliages covers up the beauty.
oh. people is really neglecting about eyes' needs of aesthetics...
i took this before i went home at that time, about evening.. i don't remember the actual time..
hope you guys enjoy this pic.

and for all Indonesians, let's LOVE our nation, not just TALK about DEMANDING.
DO SOMETHING!! even small things!!

R a n Z said...

Nice Photo Shot!

utine said...

thanks ranz.. i appreciate your art as well :)

Gratcia said...'re so right! Talk is cheap, let's do something for our country.. (^_^)

Btw, nice shot!