Wednesday, May 21, 2008

More Nice Ads.

i found this as an social advertisement in India.
geez! it's weird.
hope you guys can few it well enough to details (and maybe think about trying afterwards? LoLs)

do you have any idea what ad is this?
neither do i. at first i can't notice why it has to shape like that. i thought it was ruined or something.
in fact, after i saw the title, it's about push up bra...
the idea is about it's so pushing your boobs, until the pendant you wear near got bent. ha. simple and catchy idea!

who doesn't know??
this is the cutest one i've ever seen i guess.
it's really catchy and hilarious! don't you think so??
i can't comment anymore about this one, it's totally awesome.
actually it has its own series of M&M's election edition, casted by blue, green, yellow, red and orange. and this orange one is the best! xixixixixii. really love it.