Thursday, May 29, 2008

Photography Art : White Roses for My Graduation

this is a simple pic that i took inside my hunny's car,
it was may 12nd, 2007.
it was my graduation day!
i know.. it's been a year away..
but here i'm just talking about my photography art. hehehehe.
at that time, he gave me a cute little surprise,
he came by to the uni and he brought me these lovely white roses..
oh i ALWAYS love white roses... it's my favorite!! rather than red ones..
it feels really pure and sincere.. hee hee.
and i was really happy.. huaaa...

i decided to took a couple of portraits of us, and these two lovely buds.
i really like this one. brings out the mood.
i hope you guys can still catch up the mood here,
in the middle of Jakarta's crowd, you can still find something soothing, something sincere..

well, i did edit this pic a bit..
not yet professional camera i got here, yea.
hiks. wish i can afford a semi-pro camera with good lenses.
yeah right. just praying along. LoLs.

Gratcia said...

Know what, I like the way you write! And I love white roses too, they are so elegant (^_-)