Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Photography Art : Beijing, China.

hi there all.. i'm here as a newbie, so i'm just trying to explore things here.
sorry if too many combined posts here, as i said once again, i'm trying to explore more.
this time i want to share one of my passion, photography. which i got a sip of knowledge from the major i took before.
well, i might be extremely amateur, but i have a passion in it, to learn more further about this.
i want to share my photo art, for the first time actually.. and i'll tell you the story about each, which can speak more than you can ever imagine..

this piece is kind of my favorite.
i took this one at Beijing, China.
i don't remember exactly where the place is,
but surely i like this one.
it was winter there, and i had the 'cold' feeling at that time,
so i caught up something that brings me peace and warmth,
while i heard birds singing, it was early morning, then it came to this portrait of view.

hope you'll like my first piece of post. hee hee.
next i'll post my other photography art.