Sunday, May 18, 2008


This time, I’m gonna share my story about the day I went to karawaci with my boyfriend. actually, we went there for a refreshment and a lovely reunion-visit-kind-of hehehehe. since i took my major there, at Pelita Harapan University and i just graduated on january 2007. missing my fellas, so i decided to take my hunny there and have a 45 minute trip from my house by car.

The image above shows meals that we had for lunch that time.

The yummy-lookin yellow thingy was mine. It’s called baked rice with cheese. Oh gosh. U can really imagine the taste from the name already! It’s sooooo cheesy! Oh. I still can remember how the cheese sensation melt in my mouth (and to my heart directly! Hee. Hee.)… it was served on a dim sum bamboo container and has the aluminum foil before the food. IT WAS SO FREAKING YUMMY!!

Sorry to my dear, I cant really remember what did you order, hun. The beef and corn thingy with broccolis? Cant remember. Since I was way too excited to enjoy my cheesy rice (with chopped chicken inside.. LoLs!).

It was our meal at the mal, Supermal Karawaci. And the restaurant name is Food and Tea. Oh, I forgot about those big tea “vase” (ha ha). Those are our drinks. The left one was mine. It’s an apple green tea. And again, it has a really refreshing taste! And his tea, was a common lemon tea. Nothing really special. hee hee. (he was thirsty anyway, so when this pic was taken, his drink was half left. Oh my dear.)

Well, this resto has a Cantonese food style. Hongkong style exactly. Well, I think the cheesy rice was way much better that what my deary had. Overall, it was a soothing environment we had there. It was not bad at all. We spent about 70 IDR for our lunch.

Yeah.. pretty pricey i know. But for us, this was a quite good value to have.

Well maybe you can go there and try ordering some more menus. Tell me then!

Maybe some of you questioning how does my boyfriend look like actually, well, I attached a picture of us that was taken there, at the resto while we were waiting for the meal to be served (sorry hun, you’re a bit blurry.. hee hee hee).

we had so much fun there, (afterall, at the evening we went to the Pancake Parlour and had some pancakes. geez.. it made us FULL to top. our hunt ends up on the fullness factor. ha ha ha)

anyway, Enjoy!